The Best Nootropic You can Make Yourself

Nootropics are our favorite tools for improving our performance and (obviously), that is specifically for mental performance. If you have never used a nootropic (also known as a smart drug) before, it might be a good idea for you to look into these compounds.

A nootropic is a synthetic or natural compound that improves brain health, such as memory, focus, and longevity. For many people who are aging this is imperative to prevent neurological decline (such as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and others). For other young adults, this is important so that they can achieve more in their¬†work environment.

Nootropics From Within and Without

One of the greatest things about modern science is how far we have come in not only treating the negative health effects (sickness, ill-health etc), but also enhancing our mind and body to do great things. For example, many people who are able to utilize nootropics find it is best to find things that are sustainable. One of these is called beta hydroxybutyrate (BHB), which is more commonly referred to as a ketone body. 

Ketones are great nootropics because they are allowing your brain to function at an elevated level and help you to achieve more in your mental capacity. Many people who are using nootropics find that they are incredibly helpful, but sometimes create side effects. The ketones don’t have this issue at all.

Most recently, there are companies who are producing specific kinds of ketones that are combined with other products (such as MCT oil) to enhance the usage of these ketones for the brain. This obviously has a host of different benefits and not only for performance, but also for enhancing cognition.

How to Get Ketones Without the Pills

There are plenty of people who want to have a nootropic or cognitive enhancer without needing to take unhealthy or even just added products. For example, you can get ketones from within if you go on a banting diet. If the thought of a diet scares you, just keep in mind there are plenty of Banting Diet Recipes that are both delicious and easy to do yourself.

At first you might feel like a diet is not your cup of tea or something that you want to have in your life, but in most cases it only takes a week or two before you are acclimated to the routine and have a much better reaction with a banting diet.