Anxiety – Practices and Nootropic Solutions 

Even though you might not see it, there are millions of people who suffer from anxiety every day. Many of them feel like they are not able to handle social situations or their day to day life is filled with stress. While it may be hard to see outwardly at times, it is an internal aspect of peoples’ lives that can create a lot of turmoil and distress. There are natural and nootropic solutions that you can use in order to get over anxiety, but it is important to do them together to get the best results.

 anxietyOne daily practice you should make sure you are doing is focusing on your breath. This might be through meditation or just through a walking / moving meditation. Whatever the case may be, focusing on your breath during your day will allow you to build this tool for when the stress and anxiety seem overwhelming. For example, when something happens that you can’t change, instead of dwelling on the issue, just focus on your breath and most likely you will feel a lot better.

 When it comes to anxiety, there are a few options for nootropics as well. Some of them have been used for thousands of years. Asian ginseng and bacopa monnieri are both Chinese and Indian herbs respectively that can help you to overcome many of your anxiety problems. If these natural options are not your style, there are modern drugs that can help too. The memory improving drug and stimulant called aniracetam is a great option for treating your anxiety. If you are dealing with social anxiety especially, it is one of the best options.

 There are a lot of different ways that you can improve your response to anxiety even if it is a disease and condition that you cannot overcome by yourself.